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John Paolucci

John Paolucci: President of Rolling Mix Concrete in Prince George

I am excited to be embarking on another half-century as President and CEO of this fantastic company. I am truly thankful for dedicated employees, a loyal customer base and my supportive family. Without these people, the success of Rolling Mix Concrete wouldn’t be possible.

The past 50 years has seen Prince George grow and expand in all directions, creating a diverse population and many connections to other communities. From the booming 60s to the depression of the 80s, Rolling Mix has shared the trials and tribulations of the centre we call home. I am proud to be a part of Prince George and carry the true Northern Spirit our community shares.

I plan to continue to involve Rolling Mix in this locality in our future endeavours and carry forward our commitment to lay a solid foundation in and around Prince George for many, many years to come.

John Paolucci